Services Overview


Apparel Creation has a chain of quality supply base. Our suppliers are well experienced in respective industry and understands the working criteria of mail orders / retail companies. Vendor evaluation process is given a high importance at Apparel Creation, considering that is an essence of required result. In lieu of that, our highly skilled team keeps close monitoring on regular or any new supplier on their performance, social compliances, standard certifications, ethical trading etc.

The Apparel Creation's suppliers network is supplying to world renowned retailers and mail order companies, to name a few: Zara, Ellos, Blanche Porte, Damart, JD Williams, French Connection and Auchan, etc…..

Believing the quality and delivery performance is the core of our business. We ensure that our supply base is met to the requirement before committing any order. Parallel, Apparel Creation is always in coordination with suppliers and sharing information for their potential improvements.


The innovations and expansions are the key to be intact with the global market. Therefore, Apparel Creation has been very particular about Research & Developments.

Through trade fairs, media sources and intellectual skills the dedicated team is always in study / practical to source new fabrics, prints and development of fashion clothing for seasonal ranges “Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter”..


A highly qualified team is designated as “Logistics and Stock Management” who follow the orders from confirmation till completion to deliver with due commitment.

The team provides weekly status report to concerned personals at destination to plan stock integrity in warehouse. Seeks approval / comments prior shipping any commitment to review in case of any change in mode of shipment depending customers to follow at destination.

It monitors freight consolidation, shipments, follow-up of documents, and coordinates among the parties involved, thus reducing risks of delays and demurrage charges.

Quality & Research

Apparel Creation conducts quality control according to prescribed textile systems.

These are:

- Tests of initial raw material used, fabric or yarn, as required by customers.
- Tests of color fastness, the shrinkage of fabric, the evenness of color, the feel of the fabric, plus other tests as required by the customer.
- Checks patterns, fittings, sewing and finishing of the garment.
- Checking of packaging in all respects.
- Nickel free tests, zipper puller tests, packaging content tests, or any other, as required by the customer.

All tests required by buyers are conducted at SGS laboratories in order to comply with international standards. Since each order is thoroughly inspected, tested and documented, Apparel Creation has invested in its own laboratory to minimize delays and thus offers our customer a product of the highest quality in the shortest possible time.

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